Our images and Memories

The best time in the best place to grow...


We are the founders of the First Corporate Level Strategy Group at Harvard Business School

From the founders of Harvad Business School Corporate Level Satrategy Group (these are images and photographs shared by the founders of the group of interest denominated hbscls, the rights of the same are private and own of each user):

  Our Campus View (HBS)


When sun goes down (on Boston)


Where are we going to have a fancy dinner? (HBS Club)


No one left without paddling (Wer`e a team!)


The place where we jog every day at 06 AM!


Our Campus Life (HBS)


 Best Pizza in the World! (on 33th Dunster)


One gate`s view (HBS gate)


In my room (HBS campus)


Gate one (the one and only)


Charles River go to sleep ... (HBS)


Starbuck`s coffee every day...and night (HBS)


Classroom view (HBS)


Joseph Sumpeter lives here? (HBS)


Just a walk... (Boston)


Not bad (HBS)


Go Harvard! (Charles River boat race)



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