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Who we are the founders of this group


We are the founders of the First Corporate Level Strategy Group at Harvard Business School

Founders of Harvad Business School Corporate Level Satrategy Group

Boston, Ma, Nov, 2010 (photography includes professor Collis and Stuart)


Mark Almeida (President, Moodies, USA)

Barrie Athol (Managind Director, BNY, USA)

Timo Auer (Vice President, Telia, Finland)

Venukumar Balakrishna (Senior Manager, Emirates Telecommunication Company, India)

William Barret (Vice President, Books Fairs, USA)

Stephen Bates (Business Strategy Director, Oracle, USA)

Jeremy Bornstein (Managing Director, Royal Bank of Canada)

Alonso Botero (Vice President of Corporate Planning, Tecnoquímicas, Colombia)

Alan Boyko (President, Scolastics Books Fairs, USA)

Knut Snorre (Director, Telenor Asia)

Patrick D’Souza (President & CEO, Océ Canada)

Marianne DeBacker (Vice President, Jansenn, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium)

Camille Farhat (General Manager BPT, Baxter Helthcare Corporation, USA)

Vincent Fernandez (Executive Director, Triton, India)

Claudia Franco (VP Corporate University, Tecnoquimicas, Colombia)

Warwick Freeland (Vice President, IDP Education, Australia)

Francisco J. Garrido (VP & CSO EBS Consulting Group /BCG, Europe & Latam)

Thomas Gieseking (Vice President, Scolastics Books, USA)

Stefan Golder (Vice President Corporate Strategy Management, Swarovsky Corp, Switzerland)

Tim Grove (Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation, USA)

Abdelali Haoudi (Vice President for Research, Qatar Foundation, Qatar)

Patricia Hennessy (Managing Director, AIG, USA)

Mark Huttram (Director of Corporate Development, Canada)

Bill Johnson (Vice President, ATK, USA)

Ann Kafer (Director, Growmark, USA)

Robert Malchione (Strategy Vice President, Avery Dennison Corp., USA)

Jordan Melville (President, T&M, USA)

Atiq Mirza (Head of Strategy, Zones Corp, UK)

Paulo Moura (Board Member, Investok, Portugal)

Max Naimark (President, Jamar, Colombia)

James Adam (Director, United Church, UK)

John Paul Parker (Director, National Intelligence, USA)

Pat Patel (Director, Vocalink, UK)

Cristiano Yazbek (Corporate Strategy Director, LFTel, Brazil)

John Pittnam (Vice President, Autodesk, USA)

Laurell Pollard (Vice President, Bank of Nova Scotia)

Praveen Rao (Executive Director, Triton, India)

Kurt Roeland (Director Group Satrategy Managemet, Aveng, Belgium)

Ashvin Samtani (Chairman, Triton, India)

Kenneth San Nicolas (Director, Stanley, USA)

Arun Sarna (Executive Director, Evonick Energy, India)

John Scollins, Jr. (Managing Director, Sun, Canada)

Shlomo Shamir (Executive President, Nice Systems, Israel)

Enda Sheridan (Executive General Manager, Bradken, Australia)

Geraldine Storer (Vice President, ASRC Energy, USA)

Christian Wahl (Senior Corporate Development, Allianz Global Investors AG,Germany)

Torbjor Wist (Senior Vice President, Telenor Group, Norway) 



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